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We have the capability and experience to handle all aspects of your next aquarium project - from the initial design of your dream tank, to installation of equipment and aquatic life.

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complete Aquarium Services

Aqualots is a professional aquarium maintenance and service company unlike any other. More than just an aquarium cleaning service, Aqualots offers a full line of professional aquarium services.

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Our Aquaculture Program

We have programs in aquaculture for Corals, Clownfish, Bergia, Orchid Dottyback, Cuttlefish, Blue Assessor and several other fish/corals.

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We offer a full line of professional aquarium services. Not only can we help to set up your aquarium, but we’ll also design & configure it as well.

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Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Service und der Beratung. Dankeschön.

Carolin Weiß

Tolle Beratung und Produkte. Absolut vom Fach. Vielen Dank!

Lisa Kanamüller

Carolin WeißLisa Kanamüller
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Die richtige Beleuchtung im Aquarium
Das Licht in Aquarien gehört zu den Grundvoraussetzungen, denn nur so schafft man eine funktionierende Unterwasserwelt. Die verschiedenen Beleuchtungsmöglichkeiten...
Lebensspanne von Salzwasserfischen
Die Lebensdauer Ihrer Aquariumfische hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab - beispielsweise „wie alt werden die Fische in der Natur?“...
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Aquatic Pets

Hundreds of freshwater and saltwater fish available. Wide selection of aquatic plants, vines, and corals. Fish food, supplements, medication, and other aquarium supplies.